–    Participation in international tenders and implementation of transnational and transregional projects

–    Identification, recruitment, education of elites, technical and engineering talents, and their use in local industry, in order to prevent brain drain and also promote the mutation of the country’s industry

–    Attempting to use the practical and professional methods, documents and experiences left by domestic and foreign companies and contractors in past projects, and provide other domestic companies and institutions with these knowledge

–    Preventing the outflow of national capitals and even and even attracting foreign investors by reducing investment risks and creating a suitable profitability process in projects.

–    Creating culture, and creating national interest and motivation in applying commitment and work conscience in project management and implementation.

–    Managing and executing oil and gas projects, Mechanical equipment installation, Civil, pipeline, petrochemical and water Transmission projects with related facilities, as EPC

–    Managing and executing industrial Piping projects as EPC.

–    Management and execution of fabrication and installation of various types of steel structures

–    Managing and implementing construction projects including civil projects, Site preparation etc.

–    Executing the ground improvement projects with compaction methods.

–    Management and implementation of Sewerage systems projects.

–    Managing and implementing of Pipe line projects as EPC