About Shabdiz Sanat

Shabdiz Sanat Apadana Company has been established in 2006 with the aim of role-playing and creating job opportunities in the field of energy, oil, gas, petrochemical and development projects in Iran.

Our mission is providing services with technical approaches and relied on experiences and abilities of our managers. This company with utilizing highly qualified experts and managers in the field of executing EPC projects is in cooperation with the most famous clients Pars-Assaluye Special Energy Economic Zone.

Obtaining high quality, time management with considering assigned budget, planning at the beginning, implementation and completion of the project based on time schedule and accurate compliance with HSE issues form the main objectives of Shabdiz Sanat Apadana Company.

Shabdiz Sanat Apadana Company is obliged to consider all local laws, civil rights and environmental principles in line with certain standards during implementation of projects.

Company Ability :

Shabdiz Sanat Apadana company with considering its capability and experienced team are able to provide construction and management of industrial projects specially oil and gas, petrochemical also water industry including below field:>

–    Plant piping fabrication, installation, testing and pre-commissioning

–    Mechanical and equipment installation, testing and pre-commissioning

–    Steel structure fabrication and installation

–    Soil work and Land preparation and reforming

–    Coating, painting and insulation of piping, tanks, pipe line.

–    Welding and testing (NDT, Hydro test, PWHT…)

–    Pipe line execution and construction

Company Objective:

Shabdiz Sanat Apadana

As a general contractor company has planned his goals to:

Achieve sustainable development outcomes; make Iran to have full industrial independence, cause dignity and pride in the region and the world

that in this way they certainly will attempt.

The main objectives are:

–   Participating in international tenders and projects by joint venture agreement with engineering company such as PETRO SADIAN CO.

–   Using new technology and transfer world experience into country.

–   Localization of hundred percent of the national projects in order to prevent national capital outflow of from the country, by creation of new direct and indirect jobs.

–   Break the monopoly of foreign companies on specific projects

–   Responsible in completing the duty and achieving to goals even in impossible circumstances.

–   Motivation in applying commitment and consciousness, improving the job safety and personnel satisfaction, increasing efficiency in managing and implementing of projects.